How To Find The HP Laptop Voltage?


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Source:- HP Technical Support

Date : 25-9- 2018
hp laptop technical support

HP PC is mechanized and charged by an outside power pack which needs a particular measure of voltage, the sum at which vitality is drawn from a source that creates the stream of power in a circuit, from an electrical outlet. At the season of supplanting the workstation’s capacity pack, you are required to know about the voltage prerequisite. In the event that you utilize the wrong sort of intensity pack, at that point potentially it won’t just harm your workstation yet in addition aim in the power pack to overheat and detonate. For more itemized and brief depiction, contact at  contact hp customer support .

Here, you will discover the progression to discover the HP workstation voltage –

Base of Laptop

Right off the bat you have to close the cover on your HP PC and after that turn the workstation over

After this, you need to find the HP sticker on the base of the workstation

Toward the end, essentially record the numbers alongside the “V” on a bit of paper for future reference

On the Power Pack

Here you have to lift your Hp help, capacity pack

After this, you have to find the HP sticker on the power pack. Here look at “Info XXXX V.” The “XXXX” demonstrates the voltage of call hp support for desktop  before the “V” which remains for voltage

Toward the end, you have to record the numbers alongside the “V” on a bit of paper for future reference

For more help and bolster and to have specialized direction from the specialists, don’t hesitate to contact at hp laptop support number – (+1-800-259-1078). Here you will get help from the enthusiastic group who endeavor to offer the best help on at the tip of your finger and attempt to investigate every last issue; you are looking with  contact hp customer support .



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